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No Tape Measure Needed

“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” Galatians 3:27 (NIV)

There is nothing quite like clothing to bring a grown woman to her knees. A simple closet-moving project had left me on the ground, clutching a cold metal tape measure to my chest.

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The Ripple Effect of Living Loved

So you want to impact the world for Jesus—but your life feels more like a train wreck than a billboard for God’s love. I used to feel this way, too, until one young girl changed everything.

Her name was Leilani, Hawaiian for a heavenly garland of flowers. I felt an immediate connection with her bright spirit. As a teen mom, she knew what it was to be wrecked by rejection and cast out by the callous. Yet she also understood the joy of being loved by Jesus without limit.

I first met Leilani when she invited herself to a Bible Study in my home. You heard that right. She invited herself and arrived with a well-marked Bible, eager to learn. On her way out the door, she whispered, “I want to be like you.” Startled, I asked her what she meant. “When I grow up, I want to tell others about Jesus.” But growing up would not be part of her story—she would not reach eighteen.

Leilani’s unexpected departure from our little community sent waves of witness to all in her sphere. Her classmates, who attended a last-chance high school for students with behavioral problems, felt her impact too.

What was it that made her so impactful?

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What Pushes Your Buttons? A look at Luke 4:16-30

More aligned now than ever to what we believe is true, it doesn’t take much to be set off by issues near and dear to our hearts. After years of inhabiting pandemic-pressured lives, lines have been drawn that dare not be crossed. These boundaries, firmer than ever, leave us quite intolerant, insensitive, and reactive—a perfect environment for everyone’s buttons to get pushed. I don’t think any of us can say we are exempt from this shift of allegiance, especially in our closest relationships.

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Finding Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Racked with fear, I hunkered down behind the boarded-up jalousie windows of my childhood home, longing for the chaos swirling outside to relent. During hurricane season in South Florida, this repeated event was necessary to ride out the storms that threatened our coastal community with regularity.

And now, during this long season of the global pandemic, I once again find myself hunkered down, longing for peace to settle in places disrupted by this unwelcome global storm. Who knew it would all feel so much like a devastating hurricane, disrupting all sense of normalcy and stripping peace from even the most settled soul?

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Are You for Me or Against Me?

We don’t have to walk this earth too many years to discover trust is easy to break and difficult to mend.   Most days lend …

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