S.H.I.F.T. Digest - MARCH 2022

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It's Your Turn to Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud is a phrase I repeat to myself daily as a reminder that (1) others can’t read my mind (2) my perspective matters (3) participating in collaborative community is an opportunity for soul growth.  

It’s Your Turn

What has captured the lion’s share of your attention this month? Why do you think it was so captivating? How can holy curiosity be employed to build a deeper connection to God, self, and others?

1 thought on “SHIFT Digest – March 2022”

  1. The war on Ukraine and its people has captivated my heart this month as it has the rest of the world. Why has it captivated me so much? Fear would be my first answer and cause. It shakes my insulated way of navigating life and wakes me to the reality of this hurting world. My heart breaks with the breaking. I feel helpless in the face of such deep strife. It strips me of pretense and I find myself and the world left with only one hope—Jesus.

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