S.H.I.F.T. Digest - February 2023

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It's Your Turn to Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud is a phrase I repeat to myself daily as a reminder that (1) others can’t read my mind (2) my perspective matters (3) participating in collaborative community is an opportunity for soul growth.  

It’s Your Turn

Do you struggle to believe God’s love you—I mean specifically you? In what circumstances does this doubting usually creep in? How do you push back against the intrusion?I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “SHIFT Digest – February 2023”

  1. Most of the time I am so surprised when my voice is heard. I hear others and want to reply or comment but I have yet to learn what communicates God’s Love in a way that erases me in the mix. In This I am doubtful of His Love. (My Mom habitually said she didn’t care what I thought)…When my heart beats fast is when it’s just ME wanting to show off; when my thoughts peak in a circle of communication I usually feel I have something to say that matters; it’s usually not something brilliant but mostly simply a quip to say “let God…” I find a blather of opinion useless unless it’s an expression of other’s feelings…and then only FatherGod knows that heart – I can only cry along side knowing that I need His Love too. I doubt His Love when I compare myself to others who I feel are more “whatever”; it’s happened so often that now I recognize the intrusion…I simply take a deep quiet breath and look to Jesus in my mind. Thanks for asking☺️

  2. ” I doubt His Love when I compare myself to others who I feel are more “whatever” So true! And there are so many whatever’s to trap us. Thank you for sharing!

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