How to Take a Breath of God-Given Gratitude

Featured on Begin Within: A Gratitude Series

Warm air tickled my ear as my husband pressed in tight. “Breathe,” he whispered, giving an encouraging squeeze. Consumed with what-ifs and worst-case scenarios, I was doing my usual—holding my breath, all the while eclipsing my ability to see the good engraved by God on the landscape of this special day.

I expelled staleness from my lungs and willed my daughter’s words of promise to her soon-to-be spouse to fill the void. Without effort, plants and animals breathe, as do creatures of the sea. Why is it fear brings the rhythm of my respiration to a standstill, saturating me in a toxic atmosphere of ingratitude?

It wasn’t so much a glass-half-empty view of life I held, but an unmindful one. I was prone to forget the good I’d received from the hands of God and others, which had a way of distorting my present perspective. My husband was correct. I needed to breathe. But not just any breath would do. I needed a gust capable of awakening my senses to the wonder of the moment.


Kim McGovern

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