Ditching Doubt and Living Loved

Do you ever doubt God’s love for you?

As a young mom of two, I remember running from God—breathless, blind, and desperate to navigate life and love on my own terms. Yet, in a raw, ungraceful moment of a failing marriage, I tripped into the arms of Jesus. There, wrapped in an embrace I hadn’t earned, I found love—pure, unmerited, and free.

During the first months of my faith journey, God revealed my misguided understanding of love—particularly His love for me. I was relieved to learn there wasn’t a standard to achieve to earn His adoration. His love is all gift—no strings attached.

But I didn’t know then how often I’d question God’s love. I whispered, “Do You still love me?” to Him more often than I care to admit.

I questioned God’s love:

  • in my failures.
  • in unanswered prayers.
  • in disappointments.
  • in the words and actions of others.
  • in hard circumstances.

In my disoriented faith, I wondered where God was and where I belonged. All the doubting disrupted my desire to share His love with others. How could I if I didn’t believe it myself?

Perhaps you can relate? 

If I could, I would return in time and assure my younger self, “You are deeply loved by God and held by His grace.”

How can I be so sure? 

Because we do not root or establish ourselves in love, it’s God’s work.

Paul wanted the Ephesian believers to understand this truth, too. He wrote, “And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (Ephesians 3:17b-18 NIV).

The rooting and establishing metaphors affirm the believer’s position in Christ. The Greek terms for “rooted” and “established” in this verse are in past participle form, indicating actions performed upon the believer. 

To be rooted means to fix firmly, like a plant in nutrient-rich soil, cultivated to encourage the development of wide-reaching roots to anchor it in the ground. 

But anchored roots are meaningless unless the ground is stable.

To be established means to have a stable foundation, a bedrock not prone to shift or collapse.

Just as we don’t root ourselves, we don’t create our foundation of faith; God does. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross established a firm foundation for growing our understanding of His love for us. 

From first to final breath, doubt desires to turn our hearts from trusting God’s merciful love for us. But we can ditch doubt and live loved because God’s love for us is not rooted in our performance or established by our circumstances. It is based on the promise of His unchangeable love.

Friend, we are rooted and established in God’s love, for “…absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us.” (Romans 8:39 MSG). 

When doubts discourage you, cling to God’s promise of love. Trusting in His love dismantles doubts and reorients hearts to the uninterruptible love of Jesus so we can live out our call to love in this weary world.

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  1. Beautiful. It’s so hard for us to grasp the immeasurable love of God as we are not capable of giving such love ourselves.

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