ADVENT LOVE: The Perfect ‘I Love You’

Did you get what you were hoping for this holiday season?

Sometimes, while straining to embrace holiday cheer, I listen to a different refrain —those quiet doubts that murmur, ‘You’re not enough,’ ‘You can’t keep up,’ or ‘You don’t belong.’

Thankfully, there’s an answer to these whispers. We receive God’s perfect and unbroken “I Love You” in the person and work of Jesus.

Jesus—God’s Perfect Uninterruptible ‘I Love You’

Kim McGovern

Jesus’ life, from the manger to the cross, is a testament to a love that doesn’t just speak but acts; it’s a love that sacrifices, understands, and redeems.

We all have moments of weariness, times when our spirit feels overwhelmed by the challenges we face, and the holiday season has a way of magnifying these moments.

But even in our fatigue, there’s a comforting truth: His Spirit never tires. It continually whispers back to our hearts, reminding us we are the ones Jesus loves —without pause, without end.

The gift of Jesus’ love isn’t just for Christmas; it’s a year-round promise, a steadfast presence in our lives, offering peace and strength no matter what whispers we face.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How has the gift of Jesus’ love affected you during the holidays and your everyday life? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below.  👇

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