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Hi! I'm Kim McGovern

What has the ability to both get me going in the morning and keep me up at night?

My passions of course! They include the Grace found through Jesus and the never-ending mystery of His love, family – you know who you are, special needs advocacy – specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimers, and whatever technology train I am currently riding.

What you'll find here

The Bible is not a book of behaviors to be emulated but a story of God’s love for the world through the person and work of Jesus; a love that transforms and a love nothing can interrupt.

It is often a struggle to research and review group and personal study resources. The sea of new and interesting content makes it overwhelming and time consuming. 

The goal of this site is:

1.  To sift through that sea of new resources looking for gems to collect, categorize,  and share.

2. To create and publish studies, devotionals, and discussion guides that reorient the heart and mind to the uninterrupted love of God.

3. To specialize in providing a diverse (interdenominational) collection of resources that view scripture as the continuous story of the love of God for the world shown through the person and work of Jesus. 

Published Works

Proverbs 31 Ministries- Encouragement for Today

No Tape Measure Needed

There is nothing quite like clothing to bring a grown woman to her knees. A simple closet-moving project had left me on the ground, clutching a cold metal tape measure to my chest.

Marnie Hammer- Hear him Loader Series

For When You Feel Beyond Broken

My heart sank as I scrutinized the drawing in my lap. “Lord, can I be any more broken?” This soul-care retreat should have been a recipe for rejuvenation. Instead, there I sat, beyond mending, like an egg’s shattered shell

Nature Coast Church- Rhythms of Grace

S.H.I.F.T. and Bless the World

When was the last time someone spoke kind, true, beautiful words about you–to you? If we are honest, it is not as often as we might hope.  

The True Soundtrack of Your Life

If your life had a soundtrack what would that be?

Loneliness - It Will Eat You for Breakfast and Still Have Room for a Snack

We were made for connection with God and each other.  The kind of connection that needs to be face to face and touches each other. 

Bearing One Another's Burdens Beyond the Pale

At first glance, it seems like many around us are living lives beyond the pale of acceptable human conduct. We may not know exactly what that phrase beyond the pale means, but we all have become experts on determining when someone or something has moved beyond the pale. 

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