A Blessing for When You Can’t See Jesus

Blessing for When You Can't See Jesus open hands

When circumstance leaves you blind

 to love, and life, and laughter,

may He lift your downcast head,

 until all you see is–Jesus. 

If you could see your story all, 

you might never dare step through it,

might never move toward the One

whose Dove-like eyes have fixed their gaze upon it.

With true affection,  may this One who bids you come forth,

light your way through the darkness, 

until you awake to visions of His love abiding.

May He bless you, friend,

with eyes to see the beauty of His creation,

knowing He will never look away from you,

His beloved joy set before Him.

Come now in faith that He will restore your vision,

freed once more from bondage and shame,

restored to dignity in His presence.

May you know it was always Love that led you,

 and leads you even still.

And when your gaze is next pulled down,

 may His deeply rooted love lift your head until,

 once again, all you see is –Jesus.

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