A Blessing for When You Can’t Hear God

Blessing for When You Can't Hear God open hands

A Blessing for When You Can’t Hear God

When silence draws your soul
to believe the lie of His rejection,
may He open your ears to receive
what’s true – you are His beloved.

If you could see His ear inclined
to your soul’s deep groaning,
you’d know His love still flows
toward you in rivers of grace unending.

May you now accept His guiding hand
in wordless night to lead you,
further in and deeper still,
into His tender devotion.

May He bless you once again with ears to hear,
what He has long been saying.
Through Jesus’ blood, He led you home
And you, His beloved, He will not abandon.

Come now to accept this truth
above all other perceptions.
Open once more to His life-giving words,
may you sense He is ever-present.

And when deafness draws you
once again into its lonely well,
may His affectionate voice overwhelm you ‘til,
you surely know – you are His beloved.

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