A Blessing for holy empathy

A Blessing for Holy Empathy

When apathy’s slow poison
seeks to turn your heart to stone,
may the waves of Mercy’s ocean
remove hardness where holy empathy belongs.

May the Spirit bring you altogether
into His irresistible grace,
causing your freshly thawed humanity
to dance to the cadence of His love.

May your affection be transformed through His forgiveness
—which wants nothing in return.
And move you forward in benevolence
to the farthest reaches of earth’s groans.

Released now from apathy’s dark dungeon,
where numbness fed your disconnect,
may kindness flourish where bitter roots once ripened
yielding a harvest of resuscitated hearts.

And when callouses again seek to
invade your Gospel-softened heart,
may He saturate you once more in His river of forgiveness
until you experience His holy empathy anew.

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