A Blessing for Holy Curiosity

Blessing for Holy Curiosity open hands

When disinterest dulls the wonder
of the good news of His forgiveness,
may He ignite your heart with His grace,
until you are again — curious in His presence.

May He bless you with the limits of
your knowledge and understanding,
and draw you into the mysteries
of His love beyond comprehension.

With child-like amaze and wonderment,
may He lead you in discovery,
from cross to tomb to heavenly throne
until your soul’s astounded.

May His Spirit spark in your soul
a blessed inquisition,
unstoppable by human will
released from all complacence.

Come now through His humility
to witness restoration
of wisdom in a softened heart
infused with curious compassion.

And when apathy again invades your awe
silencing holy explorations,
may His glory fill your emptiness
until you are, again — curious in His presence.

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